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Hello, and welcome to Review Spot!

We're a new public forum for users to share reviews of products & services.

Please make sure to read and abide by these rules, which are kept simple and easy to understand.
Users should use common sense at all times.

We do not allow any kind of inappropriate content on the website, unless it is a legitimate review for a service or product.

Please do not post spam, or repeatedly post the same or very similar content.
Do not post too many outbound links, they should only be relevant to your current post. is an English forum so English must be used at all times, unless there is a sub-section for alternate languages. 

Users are given privileges to post after confirming their emails. These privileges can be taken away at any time, for any reason.
If you disagree with a moderation action you can contact the forum Administrator or send an email to


All reviews posted must be honest and fair. Users must specify whether or not they have been given something for free to review or if they bought it themselves
If a reviewer is being critical of a service or product they should post proof if they have it, otherwise their review may be seen as fictitious.

Please use the forum search option to see if there is already a thread about what you are trying to review. This helps keep the forum clutter free and keeps reviews about something to a single, easy to find thread.

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