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Positive Review of Leeds Transmission Services
Leeds Transmission Services is located at Braithwaite St, Holbeck, Leeds LS11 9XE
Their website is

My car was hit by a driver who then decided to flee, so I had to go through insurance. I took my car to a body shop through them who repaired the damage.
After collecting my car, I noticed several issues including:
Hand Brake broken
Steering heavy
Transmission Malfunction dashboard alert

They were also jump starting my car as they had somehow managed to let the battery die.

I spoke to someone from Leeds Transmission Services over the phone who told me to bring it in and they'll have a look at it.
A man came out and brought a device to look at the errors on the car system, which showed an issue with the Transmission Control Module.
I had previously spent £2000 to replace a faulty TCM directly with Ford, then a different mechanic replaced my transmission after it had failed. Luckily we looked under the bonnet and the new TCM was still there.

He cleared the errors on the system and the car drove over 100 miles fine, the transmission malfunction alert has not come back yet. He also gave me some good advice on whether I should keep and repair it or just sell it and get another car.
He spent at least 20 minutes of his time explaining how everything worked and checking on parts of the car, yet he charged me nothing when I left.

Overall I would definitely recommend you take your car here if you are having transmission issues.

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