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Negative Review of Corner Computing Solutions
I tried calling Dale Corner at Corner Computing Solutions to ask if he could help me with my computer as I felt it was infected with viruses.

Immediately as he picked up he started shouting at me asking if I'm that scammer that keeps calling him.
I said no and asked if he was able to help my computer with a virus infection. He then started talking sarcastically and started mentioning a scammer info website, and insisted he knew me and that I should stop calling him as the police are coming for me.

I asked what the hell he is on about and he started talking crazy about these people stalking him online and how he is bringing down a big scammer organization ran by some guy I forgot his name but he mentioned he is a "dirty furry" and that he will be taken down soon.

I told him I knew nothing about this and just needed my computer fixing. He said a few profanities then hung up on me.
I saw this computer place and texted the number. The guy seemed nice, asked a few questions about my issues.  I told him I had experienced a slowness suddenly and he said I have malware, as that is the only thing that would do that.  I had done some reading before trying to figure out what causes a pc to slow down and when I mentioned it to him, he got pretty mad using foul words.  I tried to ask him how I could have got this malware and he started texting how I am trolling him and that I am violating some orders or something.

Wow, I just decided to ignore him and deleted all the texts, but he kept texting about restraint and that I am out to get him type stuff.  I had to block him at this point and I am not sure what type of computer business this is now or if it really was a computer business.

I just checked and had deleted all those texts, wish I had saved them.

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