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Positive Review of Dead Frontier 2
Dead Frontier 2 is a survival MMORPG game where you must survive in a zombie infested city called Palehaven, looting and shooting your way through hordes of zombies.
The game allows you to play online with strangers and friends either in a public game or a private lobby.

Upon beginning a new account, you are immediately thrown into the game with minimal instructions. I would definitely recommend you go onto YouTube and look at some beginner guides for this game as it lacks its own tutorials.
You start with damaged clothing and weapons, which you should immediately scrap for cash since they reduce your stats. Buy yourself a decent melee weapon or a .32 ACP pistol to start with so you can make some money looting and completing missions.

Nearly every building contains a boss to fight, located behind doors with "???" in red text. These bosses are guaranteed to drop at least a Rare item. Since you start in a lv1 area all of the bosses are just strong zombies, and not actually mutated boss zombies, these will start to spawn from lv10. This makes it easy for you to get an early start with levelling up and gaining equipment if you kill all of the lv1-lv10 bosses in the starter area.

The skill system could use some work and might be confusing to some, and since it costs 100 credits to reset them I'd recommend you don't just start picking random skills for your character, think about the play style you would like to choose, and the weapons you are going to use. There are of course wasteful skills which you should avoid.

You start with a very limited amount of storage space btw, so choose your loot and possessions carefully. Each account upgrade costs 500 credits ($20) and adds an extra 100 storage slots, along with 3 character slots and 20 trade slots. If you have a friend to play with, make sure you take advantage of the trade system, as it is essentially extra inventory space. You can press F on your friend and trade items to them, which will remain in the trade area until you cancel or your friend accepts them.

Dead Frontier 2 is very grindy, and you will want multiple characters for different uses, such as boss hunting, looting, or different weapons and skills. This can help you save money as the prices of ammo can change drastically at any time, meaning you could switch to a different and cheaper ammo to use while avoiding the most expensive one.

The gear and looting system can be very frustrating or very rewarding to some. The game does offer a gold membership option which increases loot chances & provides you with extra inventory space, along with credits which you can sell for a lot of cash or use to purchase cosmetics. Each time you loot, you are given a random item with random stats, most of the time it is going to be garbage. For weapons, keep an eye out for the following stats: Headshot Damage, Body Damage, Damage vs Mutated, Damage vs Infected, Attack Speed, Ammo Capacity, Jog/Sprint Speed, Incoming Damage.

My biggest complaint about Dead Frontier 2 is the inventory system, it is abhorrent and seriously needs improvements. My stash is 500/560 full and my trades are 120/130 full, anytime I load these it takes longer than on a new account/character. It seems like it constantly reloads the entire contents of the stash/trade window every time you do something. Combine that with a messy inventory which makes it hard to organise anything and you've got a system that just annoys your players. Please make it easier for me to organise useful items, and maybe add a loadout option so I can just press a button to equip specific gear and weapons.

Overall, I think Dead Frontier 2 shows great potential, and I do enjoy playing it, but it does need some more attention and improvements. The game recently just had an update adding a clan system, so now you can group up with your friends and try to earn points which can be used to buff everyone in the clan slightly.
I have created my own clan called "Guardians", and our purpose is to help players, especially those new at the game. So if you see one of us in game don't be shy to ask for help!

Should you give Dead Frontier a try in 2022? I would say yes, you might find it's an enjoyable experience for you. Though you might just end up getting frustrated and quitting like I see a lot of players do. The game is a lot easier if you purchase Gold Membership, and don't forget this game is FREE after all, so you don't lose anything from giving it a try.

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