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Positive Review of Mailgun Technologies
Mailgun Technologies offer SMTP services for website operators. They offer a free trial which gives you 5,000 free mails for 1 month, after that you have the option of downgrading to the flex plan, which offers 1,000 mails for free each month. Going over this 1,000 limit will charge you $1 thenĀ $0.001 per message. After the trial period ends it automatically charges you for foundation plan which is $35 a month.

I accidentally left an account running and didn't downgrade it to the flex plan, so my card was automatically charged $35. Luckily the sales team at Mailgun were nice enough to refund me after I sent them an email requesting a refund since I didn't use the service and forgot to cancel it.

[Image: 2022-09-17_01-50-57.png]

The process of setting up mailgun is straightforward as they give you all of the instructions and DNS records to add andĀ make everything work. All of the emails sent are logged and you can view your usage and success rates of mails being sent.

Overall I have had a positive experience with Mailgun and I would definitely recommend you use them if you have a small website and need a free SMTP service to use. For larger businesses and sites they do offer dedicated mail IPs so you can earn your own IP reputation.

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